Wednesday, September 2, 2009

RMNP: Day 1 - Part 2. Did someone say rain?

With my successful arrival, and my tent pitched, the topic turned, without surprise, to the subject of what gourmet, err... camping delicacies we could partake of in the immediate future.

Dave and Christa's camp site was 0107, and was pitched two days prior. They were already set up for cookin, so we headed over there.

Site 0107 was a somewhat interesting site. It was in a little bowl near the top of a hill. There were other camp sites all around them, but they were mostly obscured by trees and the rim of the bowl. As with all the sites in the camp ground, parking was limited. 0107 had only one space, so I snagged a space dedicated for the nearby comfort station (pronounced: restroom).

Dinner consisted of campfire cooked soy sauce marinated strips of top sirloin, herb and buttered halibut (foil + campfire), instant mashed potatoes, and for me, a green salad. All of which was quite good. Koal and Amber gave the beef two paws up (or is that two energetic tails?), as they were able to split a strip that fell on the ground.

Shortly after dinner, wave one of rain came through, and we all went into the McMansion - Dave and Christa's big orange tent. It is tall enough in places for me to stand up, and has two rooms. The 'private' room had two cots, a night stand, and five battery powered ceiling fans. The 'public' room had 3 chairs, a camp table, and plenty of floor space for the dogs to not get wet.

Twenty minutes later the rain stopped, so we started cleaning up from dinner. In the middle of that, the rain came again, only harder. Another twenty minutes later, it stopped, and we decided to try to bake some cookies. Yes, I did say bake. It just wouldn't be glamping without an oven for your cookies. Just as the oven was up to temp, the rain came again. Yes, again, harder. And it brought a friend. Hail. Fortunately the hail struggled to be pea sized, and didn’t last long, so did no damage. The rain stayed a bit longer, and was accompanied with lots of lightning and very loud thunder. Much to the delight of Koal, who couldn't find a closet in the McMansion to hide in. (Even though Koal is mostly deaf, thunder now bothers him)

While waiting out the storm, we played 3 hands of Uno. The first hand was an endurance hand. Everyone kept having to draw lots of cards to be able to play. We nearly went through the deck twice. The Uno deck was dog themed, and had a special card. The Fetch card. The rule for the fetch card was that when played, the other players try to grab it. I’m not sure what the benefit is for grabbing it, but we didn’t think we wanted to do that, and ruin a table or tent in the scuffle. The first hand we played, we made it the same as a wild draw 4. That made for a lot of wild draw 4’s. The 2nd and 3rd hands, Dave came up with the idea that when played, everyone passes their cards to the right. It added an interesting twist and got a lot of laughs.

At 9:00, it was bed time. Both of the dogs and I were quite ready for it. Neither of the pups were having fun any more. By the time I was changed and slipped into the sleeping bag, both dogs were snoring, and Amber insist on doing it in my ear.

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  1. I wanna go!!! lol But where's the rest of camping??? We are vicarious campers, ya know.


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