Friday, September 18, 2009

American Camper Generator Update

I managed to drag the generator out of the back of the FJ, and wheel it in to the garage to get a look see.

First, the good news. The muffler on this one is 8 times the size of the muffler on the Generac. That should mean that it is quieter. It also has wheels, and a place to put a battery for the electric start. So far, no lies uncovered.

The bad news: It is not completely put together (as expected), and it does not have instructions for final assembly (not expected). The handles, wheels/axle, and feet are not installed. I have a bag of different sized bolts, and no indication of which goes where. Also, upon inspection of the axle, it isn't correct. It has a bracket on one side (to connect to the left side of the generator frame), but not the other. I don't think it will roll well with only half of the axle secured to the frame.

I have not started it yet. I wanted to get it fully assembled before putting oil and fuel in it. So I don't know how well it starts/runs. Stay tuned.

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