Sunday, September 27, 2009

Generator - Update 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Noisy

Ok, so like normal, my posts occur several days (weeks?) following the event that inspired the topic. I put together the generator back on the same day as the prior post, but only now uploaded a picture.

The Good: It wasn't really that hard to figure out which bits go where to complete the assembly.

More Good: I put a quart of oil in it and a half gallon of fuel. Made sure all the right switches and levers were in the correct positions, and gave the engine a 'half' tug. Just to gauge the effort required to bring the thing to life. Not to actually start it. To my surprise, the thing sputtered and sprang to life. Off of the very first weak pull. Easy start? Check.

The Bad: I've got no place to put it. I guess that means I will have to start a 'weekend' project to either build a little home for it, or create a path to the shed (that is wide and smooth enough for the wimpy wheels), and build a ramp up into it.


The Noisy: I mentioned that the generator had a much much bigger muffler than the prior one. Yes, it does. And it is less noisy. But, I wouldn't be silly enough to call it 'quiet'. The old one sounds like a tractor with a straight pipe. Stuck in your ear. This one sounds about like your average lawn mower. Gas powered. Not electric. That would be different.


  1. lol I have yet to hear a generator purrr softly in the background. Maybe some noise baffle screens between you and it.


  2. Honda eu6500IS is quiet but its like $5,000