Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Movie review time! I went to see Avatar (in 3D) tonight. I didn't want to like it. Why? A couple reasons. I don't like going to movies that are ultra hyped. Avatar, if anything, is ultra hyped. Next, although I think Mr. Cameron has undeniable talent, he's also an ass. As could plainly be seen by Mr. King-of-the-world, post Titanic success.

There were multiple things about the movie that I didn't like... The occasional gun/spear in the viewer's face just to show off that it is 3D. The oh so immature Jake (even for a jarhead) in the first hour of the movie. The greed. The predictable epic battle/slaughter. Etc...

But, I think the good parts out weighed the flaws. Given that this movie has a major portion of it as computer animated, it was not 'fake'. What do you mean not fake? The whole alien world was FAKE! The technologies used by the humans are fake! Yes, of course, lots and lots of stuff was fake, but it didn't look 'fake'. What I mean is that everything moved 'naturally'. Everything was lighted properly. Nothing looked like it was a wire frame model with bmp skin on it. There are plenty of movies that have heavy CGI scenes, that, quite simply make me want to shoot the creators of said movies for pawning off such crap (GI Joe springs to mind, but there are plenty more). This movie had no such scenes. The 'graphics' were awesome - 3D or not.

Beyond the graphics, the story took you on a ride in a fantasy world that, if you like games like Everquest or WoW, and books about the Dragonriders of Pern, you are bound to connect with and enjoy.

Aside from the awesome graphics and fantastic ride, there is a story (which I won't go in to 'cause I don't want to be a spoiler) to follow, which may not be based on an original theme, but is enough to carry the movie and keep the viewer's attention. The character development, of the handful of main characters, was good enough that if you weren't rooting for certain people by the end of the movie, you have a soul of a robot.

The movie ticked several of the good check boxes, and only a few minor negative ones. So, needless to say, in summary, I really liked Avatar and the blue people.

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