Monday, August 17, 2009

Pleasant Dinner Conversation

Last night we went to Barb's for Sunday dinner. It had been a little while and it was good to see everyone. Curtis, Tina, Cindy, Bob, Carl, Sam, and, of course, Barb.

Bob and Cindy brought over their energetic new puppy, Stella. I don't know how old she is now, but she prolly weighs 35-40 pounds, and looks like she will end up at about 60 to me. Kind of a Labrador stature and hair length, but with Border Collie black and white colors. When she stopped in one place long enough to be petted, she enjoyed it and looked to have a good people disposition.

As with most young dogs (or cats for that matter) cruising at high speed just above floor level, it's only a matter of time before the dog mistakes a closed screen door for an open one. Zoom... Crash... Door = toast.

After calming everyone down, and propping the door back in place (more or less), a yummy dinner of sausage sandwiches and veg sloppy joes was served, and for the most part was accompanied with pleasant conversation.

As a marker to denote the end of dinner, Cindy posed the following question: "How do people hide a dead body without it stinking?" Or something to that effect. As if all those sitting around the table were experts in the subject. Wow! Did Cindy forget who she was eating dinner with? Does she regularly fraternize with people that have read all the Good Housekeeping tips on de-scenting a corpse? Or, was this a
casual question to help her with an issue she currently has at home? Or, is she planning to use the info in the near future? On one of us?

No, nothing that sinister. She had some raw chicken that spoiled, so she threw it out. It stunk. Bad. She wrapped it in a plastic garbage bag. And then stuck that in another. And another, and another. It still stunk. So, she was wondering how these psychos she hears about in the news that hide dead bodies in their basements don't get caught right away due to the smell.

There were too many reasonable ideas in response to the question:  Freeze it. Cook it (rotting cooked chicken does not smell as bad as rotting raw chicken, so one could assume the same for other meat). Get a large Seal-A-Meal.

I was beginning to wonder if I should be suspicious of more than just Cindy...

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