Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Julie & Julia

Tonight we went to see Julie & Julia. A movie based on two true stories. We all know who Julia Child is. But the movie documents her time in France while writing the cookbook - before her TV show. The other Julie is a woman in New York that decided to cook all 500+ recipes from Julia's book in one year - and blog about it.

Blog about it? Gee wiz, everyone's doing a blog these days...

Well, it was actually back in 2002 for Julie's blog, and the 1950's for Julia. The movie went back and forth between the two, developed parallels between them, and showed that Julie not only learned how to cook from the exercise, but grew, and learned valuable life lessons.

Meryl Streep was an awesome Julia Child. She was a joy to watch and I would have liked seeing more of Julia's story. Makes me want to watch her TV show "The French Chef". And to cook. They all looked like they were enjoying the food way more than should be allowed. Mmmm.

Two thumbs up. 'Cause I only have two thumbs.

Bon Appetite!

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