Monday, July 20, 2009

Updates and a Little History

On the recent subject of the FJ1200, I took another ride up Golden Gate Canyon on Sunday. For those that are interested (those? plural? optimistic, aren't we?), fresh high octane fuel in the tank helped the engine run even smoother. For those that weren't interested, fresh high octane fuel in the tank still helps. (did I just steal that line from someone else?)

On the way back down Golden Gate Canyon, I passed a familiar stand of willow-like trees next to the river and a pleasant S bend in the road. It reminded me of the night time ride I took on the FJ, and with Scott on the V Max. It was on that turn that a cat/rabbit/some-other-small-animal passed it's gang initiation requirements by trying to soil Scott's underwear. It bolted across the street right in front of him, with me following close behind. Good times.

An update on a different subject: A word of caution. Earwigs like linseed oil. I treated the oak threshold of the shed with linseed oil to help protect it from the weather and foot traffic. Once the sun fell, the nocturnal insects came out, and at about 10:00, I happened to go to the shed and saw an estimated 30 earwigs on and near the oil treated wood. Eeww. Not my favorite insect. I can try to get a picture and post it if they return tonight. As if anyone is interested. [Update: no earwigs the next time I checked. Could have been the rain...]

Updates done, here's some history. One of the things that I wanted to have as a regular feature of this blog are posts with recent photos. The most recent photo set I have taken that isn't worth negative money is a trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens back in May. Here is a slideshow of some of the more interesting, if I can use that word, photos.

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